Our Story

Better for your babies and the world they’re growing up in

Mālama Co. is an earth-friendly baby brand, offering high quality, practical, and stylish goods that are made with care. Our baby toys and accessories are crafted to be gorgeous and timeless, with clean, classic designs that look and feel fresh anytime and anywhere.

Our name comes from the Hawaiian word “mālama,” which means to take care of, tend to, preserve, and protect. In Hawaiian culture, this care is given to everything, from showing love and kindness to one another to honoring the sacred land that supports us. Likewise, our commitment to being a care-centered baby brand is about more than just earth-friendly materials — it’s about approaching every part of the process with love and intention, from using sustainable manufacturing methods right through to providing personalized, one-on-one customer support. At Mālama Co., we strive to live by this idea in everything we do so we can create a more beautiful world for our little ones to grow up in.

About Me

When I left my home in Wales to attend university in Hawaii, I had no idea I’d end up falling in love with the people and culture. Their devotion to caring for the land and each other inspired me to think differently and practice this same kind of care in my own life. 

So when I found out I was having my first baby in 2020, I searched high and low for earth-friendly baby essentials. While there were many items that used sustainable materials and methods, I struggled to find options that were truly aligned with all of my values about collective care for the planet and its people. I launched Mālama Co. to meet this need, offering parents beautifully designed baby items that are safe, stylish, practical, and made with care in every way — for the world of today and tomorrow. 

Lois x